Below is a small sampling of our past custom projects. 

We can turn your ideas into reality.

Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement ring
Cushion halo engagement ring
Whit's Engagement ring
yellow square halo
rose gold oval diamond ring
oval cut engagement ring
yellow pear halo engagement ring
pear halo ring
yellow gold solitaire engagement ring
5ct yellow engagement ring
cushion engagement ring
rose gold cushion cut diamond ring

Diamond Wedding Bands

diamond wedding band
french pave stacker band
french pave ring
bezel set milgrain edge diamond band
emerald cut diamond eternity ring
halo diamond wedding band
diamond band
5 row diamond pave ring
emearld cut diamond band
diamodn wedding band
diamond wedding band
baguette diamond band

Fashion & Color Jewelry

tanzanite and diamond pair ring
funky opal ring
peridot birthstone ring
petite amethyst birthstone ring
emerald pair necklace
diamond x ring
tanzanite fashion ring
opal necklace
emerald clover necklace
morganite and diamond rose gold ring
turquoise and diamond earrings
new vintage diamodn ring
concentretic flower